Eyebrow graft

The eyebrow is a very characteristic part of the human face. Several reasons, such as eyebrow shaving in the same area for a long time, certain skin diseases, permanent makeup and chemotherapy can cause eyebrow loss. An eyebrow implantation is necessary when the eyebrows do not grow back in 1-2 years.

The intervention for the eyebrow transplant is performed to restore the lost hair on the eyebrows.

With the intervention of eyebrow transplant, people can regain their natural appearance and intensive eyebrows.
Among the hair transplant procedures, the eyebrow transplant requires more attention and care. In eyebrow transplant procedures using the FUE method, it is important to ensure a natural and realistic result. For this, the angle and curvature of implanted grafts should be natural and a specialist must very carefully design the shape of the eyebrows.

The eyebrow graft surgery at the Hairestetik Clinic is performed using the manual FUE technique, as are other hair transplant procedures.

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