Anesthesia without pain

Local anesthesia prevents pain. In many hair clinics, this is done with fine hypodermic needles. At Hairestetik, we use the new Dermojet system.
Here, our medical teams can inject the anesthetic into your scalp without the need for stings. In this way, we can offer hair surgery without pain.
After the procedure we also give you all the tips that allow you to take care of the grafted areas. This allows us to guarantee perfect healing. In addition, we give you mild pain medications that are well tolerated by the body. These can be taken as needed or as a precaution. After about two weeks, healing is complete.
From that moment, any possible pain disappears. For these reasons, you can be reassured about the hair transplant procedure. We assure you a hair transplant without pain to make it as comfortable as possible. In this way, we want to treat alopecia in our patients as efficiently as possible. With Hairestetik, benefit now from needleless capillary surgery thanks to our Dermojet technique in options 

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