DHI method (Choi)

The HID implantation method and Choi Implanter pen
Some define it as the newest method in hair transplantation, some say there is no recognized technique called DHI, others claim it’s just a marketing trick, while a fraction explains the method like;

FUE with the implementers.

The debate goes further, where the two methods stand out in their simplest form;

Different ways of harvesting grafts’ combined with conducting different implantation procedures.

However, our goal for this study is to remain objective and to have a brief and clear understanding of how the procedure works.

In contrast to the FUE method, site creation and graft implantation are performed simultaneously, with extraction and implantation being combined as part of a one or two step process, incorporating hair follicles extracted directly into the graft. the receiving areas without the need to create channel incisions in the donor area by using an implant pen (choi) which has a hollow needle connected to a bathtub and plunger device. That is why the DHI procedure is also called the Choi method that can insert up to 130 grafts per square centimeter.

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