The opening of the canals

In the classical FUE technique, incisions are created by perforating steel blades. With these steel blades, the incisions must be created with extreme precision, taking into account the natural direction of the hair. This will allow the transplanted grafts to grow to their natural direction.

By opening these channels in the receiving area, it is very important to follow the direction and angle of existing hair in this area.

The FUE technique uses steel blades to create incisions in the recipient area. During the operation, after a few hundred incisions, these steel blades must be replaced by new ones. On the other hand, a problem of this type will not be met with sapphire FUE blades because they are smoother and sharper. For each patient, depending on the thickness of the follicle, only a few blade tips are needed. Once again, slides should only be used on one patient during a single procedure.

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