Microgreffe folliculaire

Follicular micrograft is a hair restoration technique that applies to both women and men.

It is the approach of choice for the surgical correction of the problem of hair loss.

In addition to correcting androgenic hair loss, it is used to adjust high frontal lines following a face lift to hide scars of the scalp and redefine missing eyebrows.


The hair does not live isolated, but in groups of one to four hair called “follicular units”. These units are invisible to the naked eye, but thanks to the microscope, one can manage to preserve them during the transplant. The use of the microscope allows the optimal use of all the follicles taken since there is less risk of damaging the “follicular units”. Which gives a natural result.

Minor intervention

This is a minor intervention that gives lasting results. Micrograft does not add hair. It redistributes those already on the crown.

Follicular micrograft: excellent results, few disadvantages

  • A meeting or two is enough.
  • Local anesthesia is done without a needle, using a spray gun.
  • The procedure leaves only small red dots that do not require any bandages and disappear within a few days.
  • The receiving area may be masked by your own hair or, if necessary, by a cap or a hair prosthesis.
  • The sampling area is largely hidden by the hair of the crown.
  • Shampoo is possible after 24 hours.
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